Saturdays with Sandra – Vol 9

Another year has passed and I can’t help but reflect on the year with a smile, and of course some disappointment.  With the good comes the bad and I always say that life is about balance – being grateful for all the good and using the bad as a learning tool and moving on.  A new year means a new beginning for most, however, I believe that each day is a new opportunity and that each day can be the start of something new.


We hear the old clichés all the time about new year’s resolutions and how this year I am going to…. whatever it may be.  While these are all good intentions and targets, we need to put ourselves in the mindset that we can do something anytime.  We have the power to change whatever we put our minds to whenever we want.  The problem is that we get stuck in our daily routines, our daily habits and each day come up with a new excuse.


For me, this past year was about taking each day and attacking it with new ventures and new ideas.  I learned so much about myself as a person.  I developed as a business woman while juggling motherhood. I maintained and nourished my partnership with my husband/partner, I tried to continue being a good friend to long-time friends, while meeting and making so many new wonderful friends.  I did all this while continuing my philanthropic work in my community that I so cherish.  I worked my butt off this past year, but I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person.


It seemed like each day presented itself with a different opportunity that could not wait for a better time or a new year.  I took an idea developed a couple of years ago, and let it grow each day.  The result is a health and wellness line that I am proud of and get excited about every day. Just talking about my Vapz Tastebudz products and new & coming products makes it worth the daily grind.  With my healthier alternative e-cigarette products (Vita Stix and Vita Stix Plus), organic cold pressed juices and wellness shots, loose leaf tea, organic coffee, all natural body products including a full line of black soap, essential oils and candles, I have a lot to be proud of.


So this year my advice to all of you is to make your new year’s resolution about not waiting for the right time, and to just plough ahead.  Whether you are thinking about changing your daily eating habits, quitting smoking, exercising more, doing yoga, pursuing a new career, take each day as an opportunity and take action on what you know you should do and just never got around to doing.



My Vapz Tastebudz adage is “make the switch”, so take our advice…


Happy New Year friends!



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