Saturdays with Sandra- Vol 8

It seems like just yesterday summer was over, kids were back in school and normal routines were back in order….and now we’re a day away from Christmas!  The most wonderful time of the year…a time when everyone is excited for the upcoming time off, attending parties and of course spending much needed time with family and friends.

For me, Christmas is time off from our everyday routines…no lunches, no rushing in the morning and more time to spend with my husband and kids.  I won’t say I enjoy all the time leading up to Christmas as that has proved to be most stressful for me as I try to tick off all the boxes on the never ending to do list.  However, once it is all said and done, gifts wrapped and visits complete, I can take the much needed break from our busy lives to re-group, refresh and relax!


I’m most looking forward to binge watching my favourite Netflix series (the Crown, Season 2…. Sooooo excited) and getting a chance to finally read my kid’s favourite book, “Wonder”.  Waking up late and enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on the couch, rather than pouring it in a to-go cup and rushing out the door.  I can make some good old fashioned breakfasts for my husband and the kids, rather than our fast toast, boiled eggs and cereal!

I can also take some time to think and ponder about new products and ideas to add to the Vapz Tastebudz product lines.  I already have some great new products to launch in the New Year, in addition to our already amazing line up of Cold Pressed Juices and wellness shots, loose leaf wellness teas, essential oils, soy based candles, all natural body products and black soap line, to name a few!  When I’m not in the office and just relaxing at home in my happy place, the creative juices just start flowing – better get my good old fashioned journal dusted off…..


So with my favourite cup of Revive Loose Leaf Wellness tea in hand, I wish all my wonderful Vapz Tastebudz family, friends and customers a happy and peaceful Holiday Season.  Please take this time to enjoy what’s important and reflect on this beautiful season.

Make the Switch,


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