Saturdays With Sandra – Vol 12

Coming back from a lovely, relaxing vacation is never easy. Going from having nothing to do but playing with your kids and reading a few good books, to the constant rush of our everyday routine is tough. For me, the reality set in the moment I walked off the plane and felt the cold air whip through that little crack between the plane and the jet way. It was at that precise moment that I thought to myself, vacation is over and I’m back home. Not to say that there isn’t something sweet about being back on familiar ground, back to my comfy bed and pillow (boy did I miss my pillow), and all the comforts of home. But, it’s nice to live in a bubble for a week or so and just forget all the work and things waiting for you at home.


So, I’m back at the Vapz Tastebudz office, kids are back at school, winter gear is on again and we are ready for 2018! Or NOT! Not a full day goes by until one of my little ones starts to complain about a headache, stuffy nose, a dry cough and seems very lethargic. Here we go! Going against my better judgement, I send all three kids to school and sure enough, I get the 9:30 a.m. phone call from the school. I drop what I’m doing and head to the school to rescue my third child, bring her home, set her up with a warm blanket, some warm Vapz Tastebudz Loose Leaf herbal tea and some reliable medication to bring the fever down.

Now I’m feeling guilty for not believing her in the first place and thinking she just didn’t want to go to school, so I’m shuffling through the medicine cabinet for my old reliable natural remedies to make her as comfortable as possible. I begin by giving her the Vapz Tastebudz Organic Cold Pressed Juice, House Call to help boost her immune system and keep her hydrated and I grab my new Vapz Senses Vapour Rub made with pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil to help clear her congestion and soothe the cough.

I feel good about rubbing my Vapz Senses Vapour Rub on her delicate 7-year-old skin because I know that there are no added chemicals in the rub that could be absorbed through her skin and harm her over time. I also know that sipping on my Vapz Tastebudz Organic Cold Pressed Juice, House Call, has all the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in the orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper that are in this incredible juice. All these things will help her body naturally fight whatever virus she caught through our travels.

So, while keeping her hydrated with my organic cold pressed juice, keeping her breathing easier and easing the cough with the Vapz Senses Vapour Rub I have her warm and cozy in her bed while the Vapz Tastebudz diffuser moistens and purifies the air in her room as it diffuses our Relax Blended Essential oil (also containing pure essential eucalyptus and lavender oils).


I’m happy to say that she is on the mend, back at school (whew!) and NOW we are back to regular routine. It took almost a week, but with patience, rest and some good, reliable and natural products, we made it through. Yes, WE, because moms and dads work hard to make their kids feel better – I’m sure you can all agree.

Let Vapz Tastebudz pure and natural products get you through our Canadian winter. As much as I love being in the warm climate, home is home, and I love where I live, cold and all. We are grateful and blessed to live in this amazing Country so let’s embrace our winter and let the fruits of the earth heal you through these tough times.

Make the Switch,


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