Saturdays with Sandra – Vol 14

Last week was all about preparing for the Our Health and Wellness Expo in Vaughan. Vapz Tastebudz was a proud Gold Sponsor and exhibitor. I just love being at these shows and meeting so many wonderful people. Chatting and exchanging experiences is exactly what I love to do. I love chatting so much so that my kids refuse to come grocery shopping with me anymore (or shopping of any kind) because they claim I start chatting and take too long. Me? Never!!! (heehee).

Truthfully, it’s not just about the chatting. I get so excited when customers come into the store and I can explain and proudly showcase all my products. At the show this past week-end it was about meeting so many people from our community. Not surprisingly, they fell in love with all the products we sampled and displayed: The Organic Cold Pressed Juices, Organic Wellness Shots, Loose Leaf Wellness Teas, all natural body products, Black Soap, essential oils and so much more. It was so gratifying to see the positive response from the attendees as well as my fellow vendors.

To the wonderful people I met and chatted with, it was an absolute pleasure sharing stories and sharing my love for all natural, chemical free products with you.

My favourite part of the day was pulling aside some of our good friends at the show and getting them to drink our Organic Wellness Shots for our social pages. With everyone fighting some type of virus or flu, they all opted for our Immunity Wellness Shot which is made with pure Organic Ginger, Oil of Oregano and Lemon. Not the most pleasant drink, but it really works at kicking whatever germ/bacteria/virus you have right out of you! It was great to see the reactions of those unsuspecting friends. They were not prepared for the pungent burn of the Oil of Oregano and sharp taste of the ginger. The only thing I can say is that I never promised it would taste good. I did promise and can confidently say it will help boost your immune system and help you get better faster (or not get sick at all).

After the show and a very special visit from our winner of the basket giveaway and good friend Dia (@diadiadia), I decided that I had to use one of my newest products to help those Wellness Shots go down a little easier. The Vapz Tastebudz Boost (the Ledidi Berry) will stimulate your tastebudz and help make any food or drink that is sour or tasteless taste sweet and savoury! So with the help of Dia and her friend Steve we tried swooshing around the Vapz Tastebudz Boost berry around our mouth until it dissolved (a very sweet and tart experience) and then downed our Wellness Shots. We couldn’t believe it! The shots tasted sweet….it actually tasted like I was drinking a sweet drink. Unbelievable!

So, I invite you to come see me at The Vapz Tastebudz Store at 80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Unit 13, and take the Vapz Tastebudz Boost challenge! You will be sweetly surprised…pun intended!

Make the switch friends.

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