Saturdays with Sandra – Vol 16

The family day long week-end is here and it’s time to be grateful for our families and spend the much-needed down time with them. I always get asked about what I do with my family and how we spend quality time together. Truthfully, family time is pretty scarce in our house because of our kid’s extra-curricular activities.

Some of you may or may not know that in addition to spending my time building the Vapz Tastebudz brand through product development and sourcing, I am also a mother of 3 beautiful young girls, ages 12, 9 and 7. Our three girls are all dancers, but not just recreational, with one or two classes a day, I mean DANCE. Competitive Dance. Need I say more? Now it’s all pretty friendly and fun, but training and classes are intense and has me bringing them to the dance studio they attend 7 days a week (yes, Sundays too).

So, needless to say, a week-end like Family Day long week-end, gets us pretty excited for some special time together. I will suggest such things as skating, bowling, maybe even a walk or dinner downtown (my little 905’ers don’t get downtown as much as I would like), but they always say no. What they enjoy most is to cozy up in the comforts of home, watch a movie together, eat a sit-down meal together as a family and tease each other. Best day ever!

Sometimes, going back to basics and just being together is the best remedy for family bonding. You don’t always have to go out and do activities with the kids to create special memories. I feel like us parents today put so much pressure on ourselves to make sure our kids are always having fun and experiencing different things that we forget that there is nothing wrong with being home and enjoying time together that way. We are so caught up in putting our kids in programs and keeping them active because that is what society dictates. Our society makes you feel as though if your kids are not enrolled in some sort of program, you are among the minority.

This Family Day long week-end I am going back to the simple days and spending some quiet time at home with my kids – watch a movie or two, play Monopoly or Uno, make a big bowl of organic non-gmo popcorn and cuddle under the blankets. I’ll steep some of my favourite Vapz Tastebudz Loose Leaf Tea (my Turmeric Ginger nut milk recipe), get my Vapz Tastebudz Relax Essential Oil going in my Vapz Vapourizer to help purify the air, pour my kids some of their favourite Organic Cold Pressed Juice (Pink Lady) and settle in for the day. A day with no running to dance, no running to grocery stores, zero errands. A day of rest with my hubby and beautiful girls. How are you spending your Family Day long week-end?

Happy Family Day week-end everyone!

Make the switch,