Say goodbye to stale breath with this refreshing Stix!  This cool flavour won’t replace your usual breath refresher but it sure beats some alternatives!


Vapz Stix – Intense Mint Flavour

  • Vape sticks have been extensively used by the people willing to try other smoking devices to enjoy a hit with some flavorful experience.
  • Ease availability of the online vape sticks make you ease to avail excellent option in different size and prices to satisfy the craving of smoking a tobacco cigarette.
  • Shop online an exclusive range of lightweight, convenient and discreet vape sticks that provides instant satisfaction in the options of amazing flavors.
  • Need not to keep bulk quantity of cigarette in your pocket as you can have a single smoking device as you can enjoy a lot of hits just by using a single device ensuring the same hit in amazing flavors.

Vape sticks have taken over the smoking community by storm. Whether you’re interested in an electronic cigarette or a convenient sleek disposable cigarette, caters to your needs!

Making the change from traditional cigarettes to vaping is not only beneficial when it comes to your health, but it’s a much more convenient way to smoke, eliminating second hand smoke, no bad odor filling the air and no messy ashtrays lying around!


Dimensions .2 x .2 x .2 cm

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