Welcome to Vapz Tastebudz, where we pride ourselves on the notion of assisting our customers in making the switch while achieving wellness and making optimal health choices. Vapz Tastebudz began its journey as a personal vapourizer company, offering a wide range of products that our clients successfully use as a healthier alternative to combustible smoking. As many of our clients embarked on this journey to health and wellness by cutting out traditional, chemical-laden cigarette smoking, Vapz Tastebudz expanded its line of personal vapourizers to include a wide range of health and wellness related products. Vapz Tastebudz now not only offers clients disposable personal vapourizers and premium vape juices, but also vapour steam distilled water, organic coffee, wellness teas, all natural body products, and most famously, our organic cold pressed juices! All of our products are made to help our clients achieve and lead a healthier lifestyle specifically. Our foundation begins with laying the groundwork for optimal health while providing our clients with the tools necessary to make the choices to take steps in the right direction.

Make The Switch by Craving the Flavour, not the habit.