Saturdays with Sandra Vol 56

Saturdays with Sandra – December 15th, 2018

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends!  Today is a very special week-end for me as my first baby turns 13!!!  Yes, a teenager…. I am now the mother of a teenager.  I am going to say the oldest cliché ever, but there is no other way to describe how I feel!  Where have the years gone????  When did my little curly haired mini me, become a young woman, a young adult, a teenager?  Can you tell that I am having a hard time accepting this?

Joking aside, I am so proud of the young lady my eldest daughter has become.  She is definitely a reincarnation of me – responsible, funny, conscientious, respectful and afraid of a lot.  As I see her navigating through adolescence, I am always reminded of many of my experiences growing up.  It’s these moments of revelation that I realize, it’s all good and that she needs to grow up, spread her wings and take a stab at life the same way that I did.  As all parents wish, I just want her to be happy and go get life…but let’s get into high school first!

So, as she enters the teenage years, her attitude has changed too.  Nothing too drastic…yet!  Mood swings?  Yes!  Attitude?  Sometimes!  Embarrassed of me?  Let’s just say on Pizza Fridays I’ve been sadly forbidden to go near the intermediate class rooms.  Its ok, I can handle all this.  It’s part of life and I’m sure that I gave my parents the same grief – sort of.

This Saturdays with Sandra is dedicated to my special daughter, the first of three very special little girls.  To the little girl that is true to her name, Happiest of Birthdays Angelica!  You are my sunshine, my angel and my shining star!  Love you to the moon and back….

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Happy Saturdays Vapz Tastebudz Friends!

Happy Birthday Angelica!

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