Saturdays with Sandra Vol 55

Saturdays with Sandra – December 8, 2018

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends!  The month of parties, dinners, celebrating and indulging is before us!  Who doesn’t love the joy of this season and all the wonderful, rich and delicious food surrounding us?  You can’t help but want to try it all and savour each bite and drink.  I am a firm believer in food being love and happiness – especially when you can share it with those that you enjoy being with.

Through my health journey I found myself faced with being deprived of a lot of food I love thinking I was doing my body good, but in the end, I was miserable and sad and didn’t do my body any good.  Your body heals when it is happy and feels fulfilled, of course in moderation. Now I’m not saying go and indulge on that plate of cheesy pasta every day or whenever you feel like it, but choose wisely and do it in moderation.

I think one of the biggest hurdles for many this time of year is the over drinking and eating those rich foods.  This puts a lot of pressure on our livers and can, in turn, intoxicate our bodies.  I don’t believe that you should just continue beating up your body my continuously eating like that.  If you did it one night, I hope you enjoyed it and woke up the next day knowing it’s a new day and that you should eat a bit more wisely today.

You can also start to give your liver a break by trying some of the Vapz Tastebudz detoxifying products.  We have an unbelievable Organic cold pressed juice made with Activated Charcoal which acts like a magnet in the body by attracting all the toxins and helping your body to flush them all out. Certainly, helps get over a hangover that much faster.  We also have “the Purge” Loose leaf tea – great for helping flush out toxins and hydrating your cells.

Ultimately, I always suggest a good Vapz Tastebudz 3 day Organic cold Pressed juice cleanse after too much indulging, but that might be a better suggestion for the new year when the partying stops!  LOL!

In the meantime friends, come pick up a few bottles of “detoxify me” Organic Cold Pressed Juice to keep those toxins moving on out of your body and maybe some warm and detoxifying tea like “the purge” to also keep things moving.  But most importantly friends, enjoy this joyous season and if you do drink or eat too much – enjoy it!  Don’t feel guilty….there is always tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends and remember….

Make the Switch!