Saturdays with Sandra Vol 54

Saturdays with Sandra – November 17, 2018

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends! As a proud sponsor for the Vaughan International Film Festival we encourage you to join VFF for this rare and exciting workshop with choreographer and motion capture expert, Terry Notary. You may have seen him…or his movements…in such films as Avengers Infinity War as Teen Groot, Planet of the Apes as Rocket, and Kong: Skull Island as Kong himself, just to name a few.

This in-depth workshop will guide you through breaking down human behaviour and getting to the core of body awareness to create and truly capture the role you’re going after. “The Art of Performance” is recommended for screen and stage actors, directors, stunt performers, and dancers.

The event is taking place today at the Art and Soul dance studio located in Klienburg, Vaughan.

As a proud sponsor, we encourage a healthy lifestyle for all those here in Vaughan. That’s why with VFF we provide them with all our amazing products including organic cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, loose leaf wellness teas, essential oils, all natural body products and our nicotine free personal vaporizers.

With that being said, Happy Saturday friends!

Don’t forget to make the switch!