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Saturdays with Sandra – November 3, 2018

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends! I can’t believe it’s already “dreary November”. The daylight gets shorter, darkness comes early and we begin our long winter of hibernation. Sounds depressing, I know, but it is the reality of 4 seasons in this wonderful Country of ours. It’s the low after the excitement of pumpkin season, chunky sweaters and Halloween parties.

Most important, it’s a time when we get run down and share a lot of germs because we are locked away indoors. We may not be eating right or exercising quite as much as we would like. This time of year, is when we can become deficient in vitamins giving us low energy and making us more susceptible to depression. So, it’s this time of year when we have to be extra vigilant with getting in our vitamins, eating right and getting exercise and rest.

Here at Vapz Tastebudz we offer a variety of feel good, get healthy products to help fuel your body and make the switch to health and wellness. Starting with our Vitamin enriched personal vapourizers – nicotine free Vita stix have a cocktail of vitamins that you absorb as you vape. We also have those stix that help to give you energy using B12 or to help prepare your body for proper rest using melatonin and Valerian root.

For those that are not interested in the personal vapourizers we have a full line of Organic Cold Pressed Juices and wellness shots made with fresh vegetables and fruits to help boost your immune system, give your body the fuel and vitamins it needs to stay strong and healthy.

So don’t let the November blues get you down my Vapz Tastebudz friends! Come in a visit me today and learn all about the health and wellness products we have. I love meeting new people and chatting.

Have a great Saturday!

Make the switch!