Saturday’s with Sandra Vol 52

Saturday’s With Sandra – October 27

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends! Lately, as I have been going about my day to day activities and errands I have noticed there are a lot of people vaping in pretty much any place they are allowed; while waiting for the bus, on their lunch breaks, and even with family. It seems that Vaping, or Vapzing as we like to call it, is becoming a popular trend. Some are drawn to the “activity” as a means of quitting smoking and making the switch, while others, the younger demographic it seems, are partaking in this for enjoyment.

Whatever the reason, it’s definitely trending and Vapz Tastebudz is here to offer my consumers the better “vapzing” options. Options with or without nicotine but most importantly options that are Propylene Glycol free and e-juices made with all organic essential oils. Throughout my experience in sourcing and designing “Vapzing” products alongside a certified team of “Vapz” experts, I’ve learned quite a bit about the science behind vaping and some of the perceived controversy behind these devices.

Health Canada has now endorsed Vaping products as a healthier alternative to smoking, which is great. They have issued certain restrictions on the sale of these devices and the e-juices. As much as we think Vapzing is trendy and definitely the healthier alternative to smoking, we still have our younger kids (under 19) in mind. We want to protect our young kids and make sure that they do not have easy access to these devices. This is why you will see the “Over 19 and ID required” on our door and under age restrictions on the Vapzing portion of our sight.

While we do provide these great healthy options to our clients that smoke, we want to protect our young and make sure that if and when they start vaping they are the right age to make that decision.

Of course, we have a lot of other products for everyone to enjoy including our Organic Cold Pressed Juices, wellness shots, kombucha, loose leaf wellness teas, all natural body products including black soap and essential oils and vapourizers. Be sure to come visit us in store today – we are open evenings and weekends!

Happy Saturday friends!

Make the switch!