Saturdays with Sandra Vol 50

Saturdays with Sandra – October 13, 2018

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends! Why does the week drag by so slowly after a long week-end?!?! It doesn’t help that I ate so much turkey last weekend and felt sluggish and tired for most of the week. It also doesn’t help that I have been suffering from back pain. With the change in weather I decided that I needed to get my yard winter ready. My not-so-young body rebelled when I bent and moved in ways I’m not so used to and I am paying the price. It reminds me of that time I tried to show my kids that I can still do a cart wheel and I did (actually I nailed it!) and I strained some muscles and suffered for six months (true story).

Well, instead of taking anti-inflammatory meds and/or advil, I opt for the more natural and liver-friendly remedies to help ease the inflammation and ultimately the pain. I am a huge fan of Voltaren Emulgel and find that if you use it consistently (more than once a day and every day) the effects are cumulative and it will reduce the pain and inflammation in your sore muscles. The Voltaren paired up with some targeted stretches and muscle strengthening, the pain and pressure really does ease up.

Of course, Vapz Tastebudz being about natural remedies has the perfect pairing to my muscle creams and stretches – Turmeric Wellness shots. Turmeric contains the curcumin. Curcumin in turmeric decrease swelling (inflammation), making it beneficial for treating conditions that involve inflammation. Taking two to three Turmeric wellness shots per day during episodes of pain and inflammation can significantly decrease the longevity of the pain and swelling and help heal the muscles faster.

So there you have it – my natural remedies for my back pain that has NOTHING to do with age (heehee). Heal your body naturally without compromising any of your bodily organs or functions. I will also tell you my Vapz Tastebudz friends – be kind to your bodies, listen to your body…it has lots to say!

Make the switch my friends and be sure to check out the Vapz Tastebudz full line up of Organic Cold Pressed Juices, Wellness shots, loose leaf teas, all naturally sourced body products, black soap, essential oils and of course, our personal vapourizers – the Vita stix and just flavor stix to help you to make that switch!

Have a great Saturday friends – keep stretching….