Make The Switch this New Year!

Happy Saturday Vapz Tastebudz friends!  We are well into the new year and we are all inundated with messages on social media and advertisements on #gettinghealthy, #newyearnewyou, #eat clean, #nocarbs #nosugars, #getfit and the list goes on…

I can’t speak for everyone, but I sometimes find these messages daunting and intimidating.  They add unnecessary pressure on people and life is busy and stressful enough.  The messages are, for the most part, meant to inspire people, to attract people, to help us forget about everything we did and didn’t do last year and start fresh.  The new year is a great time to start these new habits and make these lifestyle changes, however, I am a firm believer that you can    #maketheswitch to #healthandwellness anytime.  It’s not a race, there is no best time to do this, the truth is if you really don’t know where to begin or feel frustrated about how to begin let me offer you some guidance – without pressure.

I always suggest that you can start somewhere.  Here at Vapz Tastebudz, some of our customers begin their journey with quitting smoking and making the switch to health and wellness by using our personal vapourizers that don’t have any of the toxic chemicals and harsh carcinogens found in typical cigarettes.  We also have those customers interested in completely cleansing from the inside out and turn to our Organic Cold Pressed Juices and wellness shots as well as our all naturally sourced body products and oils. 

A 3 or 5-day juice cleanse is a great way to rid your body of built up toxins by eliminating the culprits such as sugar, starches and meats. Starting with a juice cleanse is a great way to eliminate cravings and reduce bloating.  You will find the juices are tasty, hydrating and refreshing and are a great way to re-charge your body with the much needed vitamins and minerals you can only get from fruits and vegetables. 

Our all natural body products are a great way to give your body a break from absorbing and processing the harsh chemicals found in many commercial brands.  We often forget that our skin is the biggest organ of the body and processes a lot.  A great way to ease the pressure of toxins through the body is eliminating harsh chemical laden products.  Here at Vapz Tastebudz we have a full line up of products made with coconut oils, shea butter, olive oil, and essential oils.  Be sure to also check out our black soap line coming directly from Africa’s plantains. 

So Vapz Tastebudz friends, stay calm and don’t stress about making the switch. Come to Vapz Tastebudz and start with a cleanse and/or a personal vapourizer and start your journey on your terms!

Happy Saturday friends!