Vapz Stix

Vapz Stix is the perfect personal vapourizer for when you’re on the go! Its small, compact design and lightweight casing makes it more convenient and discreet than ever. Throw it in your purse, pocket or keep a trio of your favourite flavours on hand in one of our Stix phones cases with all your other essentials.

VAPZ Stix aren’t only for smokers. Many have testified to the benefits of vaping as a tool to lose weight and increase your overall health. Sweet flavours satisfy your cravings without the calories. Looking to improve your health? Vita Stix are an innovative way to add to your daily vitamin intake while enjoying a flavourful vaping experience.

Available in a variety of our top flavours of premium vape juices, our Vapz Stix have been tried, tested and proven true! Every Stix provides you with 200 puffs of a full flavour experience. Want more than just flavour?