Take a deep breath and indulge.

Inhale the flavour.
Get blown away by the sensation.



Welcome to VAPZ Mixology! We invite you to master the art of mixing one or more of our flavours to create your very own customized flavour. By providing you with the necessary tools, including premium juice and quality flavours, ensures for the perfect recipe. We recognize that everyone’s individual pallets are exclusive and distinctive. This is why VAPZ encourages you to let your creativity be expressed through mixology.

How does it work?

Very simple! Take any of our VAPZ juices and mix them together. You are the master mixer! Therefore you are in control of which flavour is your base and which one is your mixture. You can mix more than two flavours together!

Try out some of these fan favorites:

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Intense mint, Milk Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream

Sorbet! Take any of our fruity flavours and mix it with Vanilla Ice Cream to create a refreshing sorbet taste.

Cherry Cheesecake: Black Cherry + Cheesecake.

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